Customer Feedback

1800MumDad Pty Ltd wishers to advise all of our great customers that the Optus network has given the following notification to our aggregation provider.

"Termination of Agreement will be effective 30 days from the date of this letter, namely on the 23 August 2018, From 00:00 (midnight) on 24 August 2018, Optus will no longer provide you with the Premium SMS services"

This will affect the ability for 1800MumDad Pty Ltd to deliver a billable call to the Optus network therefore restricting your right as a consumer to choose how you use our service.

Since 2005, 1800MumDad Pty Ltd have been providing Reverse Charge Calling Service’s throughout Australia. Keeping family and friends connected when they are out of credit. We have delivered a communications need to millions of customers.

Imagine the situation when your child misses the bus on the way home from school and has no credit on their phone to call mum or your wife breaks down on a country road at night with no credit. Most of our calls are made in a time of need. Optus is effecting the ability for 1800MumDad Pty Ltd to deliver calls in these urgent situations. Save Reverse Charge Calling in Australia We would appreciate your feedback below.