How Does It Work

No Prepaid Credit? No Worries!
I'LL PAY or THEY PAY to Mobiles & Home Phones to connect with family and friends.
Simply Dial 1800 686 323 (1800-Mum-Dad) Just follow the prompts. We will do the rest. It's easy!

I'll Pay

Used when you have an important call to make and you are out of pre-paid credit and the person you want to call either can't or won't pay for the reverse charge call. Can also be used if you want to call someone but not let them know you're out of credit. We ask you to enter the number you wish to call. We make the call after you accept the charges. No name is recorded and you will be directly connected to the person you are calling. You pay for the call by credit or debit card and you are only charged if you are connected. Additional I'll Pay calls can only be made after the previous I'll pay call has been paid.

They Pay

Normal Reverse Charge Call. We ask you to enter the number you wish to call, then ask you to record your name. Our service dials the number you entered and when the person you are calling answers the call we play them your name. Then we ask them to accept the charges and connect you both together. If the person you are calling has no credit they can pay for it by credit or debit card. The person receiving the call pays for it via credit or debit card and you are only charged if you are both connected.

Voicemail Service

In situations where you are trying to make a Reverse Charge Call to someone and that person is not available to take the call, you may be given the option to record a message for future delivery. When you leave a message, 1800MUMDAD will use best endeavors to deliver the message to the intended recipient within a reasonable timeframe. Voice message recordings can be up to 3 minutes in length. We'll only attempt delivery within the hours of 6:30AM-10:30PM and only for a period of 24 hours from the time that the message was recorded. Call charges apply only when the recipient of the message accepts the terms of the offer.

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The Humble Telephone

1800MumDad FAQs That's right, you don't need the latest mobile device or be connected to the internet.

You can take advantage of our service from any landline or pay phone in Australia.

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