1800MumDad – Summary of the Standard Form of Agreement



1800MumDad Pty Ltd ACN 18 104 106 630  (“1800MumDad” or “us” or “our”) supplies its services to you in accordance with its Standard Form of Agreement (“SFOA”). 

This summary is designed to give you an outline of the terms and conditions of the SFOA.  However, it does not replace the SFOA, and does not change any of the terms and conditions in the SFOA.  If you would like to review all of your rights and obligations under the SFOA, you can read the SFOA on the website at: www.1800MumDad.com.au.

By using any of 1800MumDad’s services, you agree to be bound by the terms of the SFOA.  If you do not accept the terms of the SFOA, you must not use any of 1800MumDad’s services.

The terms of the SFOA also apply to your use of the services by force of Part 23 of the Telecommunications Act 1997.

Designated services

Under the SFOA, 1800MumDad supplies a range of telecommunications services, including a reverse charge service, a voicemail service, a voice messaging service and a you pay service.  A detailed explanation of all services appears in clause 4 of the SFOA.


1800MumDad’s Standard Pricing Policy, which is available from the website: www.1800MumDad.com.au, specifies all charges that apply for use of any of the services, and how those charges will be calculated.

Depending on the type of service being used, charges may be payable by the person who initiates use of the service, or they may be payable by the person who agrees to accept a call made using the service.  You are a user of the service whether you initiate a call or accept a call using the service.

If you use the ‘I’ll Pay Service’, you will be told the cost of the service the first two times you use it, and again if the cost changes in the future.  If you receive a call under the ‘They Pay Service’, you can press the “#” key to hear the cost of the service before accepting the call.


1800MumDad may issue a bill to you if you are required to pay for the use of the services.  The bills may be in any form (physical or electronic), including by using Credit/Debit Card or Premium SMS messages that are charged to your telephone bill.  1800MumDad may continue to issue bills to you until such time as all amounts have been paid.

Contract Terms

Use of 1800MumDad’s services is on a call-by-call basis. 

1800MumDad may temporarily or permanently refuse to supply any of its services to you if:

a) You, or a person who is obliged to pay for your use of our services, fails to pay any amount owed; or
b) required by law to refuse to supply to you, or we are directed by an appropriate authority (such as the Police or emergency services) not to supply to you; or
c) you ask us to do so.

1800MumDad does not guarantee that any of its services will be supplied continuously or without a fault of some kind.

Responsible Use of the Services

The SFOA prohibits you from misusing any of the services, including:

a) using it for any other purpose; or
b) disrupting another person’s use of it; or
c) doing anything that would distress another user of the service; or
d) breaking any law, or allowing any other person to break any law.

You are responsible for (and will pay for) all damage, cost and expense suffered by 1800MumDad as a consequence of any misuse of any services by you.

1800MumDad may monitor your use of the services to ensure that you do not misuse any services.  1800MumDad may stop supplying services to you if it reasonably suspects that you are misusing the services.


In most situations, the terms of the SFOA can be changed at any time.  We will notify you if the cost of the service changes before you use the ‘I’ll Pay Service’, and if you receive a call under the ‘They Pay Service’, you can press the “#” key to hear the current cost of the service.

The most up-to-date version of the SFOA is always available from the website: www.1800MumDad.com.au
Liability to you

The Competition and Consumer Act 2010 imposes certain obligations on us in respect of the services we supply, that cannot be excluded by contract.  These rights are known as “Statutory Guarantees”.  Nothing in the SFOA excludes any Statutory Guarantees.

Unless Statutory Guarantees apply, 1800MumDad is not responsible for lost profit, lost revenue, lost savings or other similar types of loss that you suffer as a result of your use of any of our services.

For all other kinds of loss that you may suffer, including in relation to Statutory Guarantees, 1800MumDad’s liability is limited to the cost of supplying the associated services to you again, or paying the cost of having those services supplied to you again.

Problems with the services

If you have any problem with any of the services (including any billing problem), you should contact 1800MumDad as soon as possible by telephone on 1300 790 229, or by any of the other means listed at www.1800MumDad.com.au

1800MumDad will attempt to resolve any problem you may have with the service (including any billing problems) as quickly as possible.

In the event that you are dissatisfied with the way we handle your problem, you can contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, which is an independent service that describes itself as an “office of last resort”.  The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman can be contacted on 1800 062 058.

Personal information and privacy

1800MumDad will handle any personal information you provide to us in accordance with the National Privacy Principles specified under the Privacy Act 1988.

For further information about the way 1800MumDad deals with your personal information, please read the privacy policy at www.1800MumDad.com.au

Other Languages

Copies of this summary are available in other languages on request.